24.03.2021 - 25.03.2021

Sustainable Packaging: Are You Ready?, Köln, Saksa

We bring everyone together to talk about packaging – and to find solutions that make it more sustainable and innovative.

How do we reduce packaging waste and still safely pack the goods we value? And what about possible health risks arise from the materials and chemicals used in the packaging? Reducing materials and using sustainable packaging has become a major issue, and industry and lawmakers are intensively discussing new solutions. It is precisely this dialogue we wish to continue and deepen while working with innovative start-ups, SMEs and companies on tailor-made solutions for major challenges in the packaging business. To this end, companies will present concrete problems in advance, which will then be worked on in a creative process on the day. The aim is to bring together innovative minds from all over the Europe and to initiate cooperation.

The European-wide marketplace will bring together buyers (corporates or SMEs) and innovators (start-ups or SMEs) with good solutions for packaging as much as for the development of new ideas. Buyers will present their needs and calls for proposals in advance. The challenges can be posed by different stakeholders related to packaging, such as producers, retail, recyclers, investors etc. Innovators may then present their relevant businesses at the event and will work on solutions all together within European teams.

The project is being implemented jointly by Competence Network Environmental Economy NRW, kunststoffland NRW e. V., Office of Economic Development Düsseldorf and Polish Institute Düsseldorf – with the support of Enterprise Europe Network.

Further information and registrations by 22 March 2021: https://sustainable-packaging2021.b2match.io/

Contact person in Finland:

Ms. Elina Satta
Enterprise Europe Network Finland
Business Finland
email: elina.satta (at) businessfinland.fi

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