European IP Helpdesk

offers free-of-charge support

Who can use the European IP Helpdesk service

EU SMEs involved in cross-border innovation activities within EU or going abroad as well as beneficiaries of EU-funded research projects.

European IP Helpdesk includes

easy to read guidance on different IP topics, newsletters, webinars and other training and personalised answers to specific questions through Helpline service. Helpline operates in English and requires a registration.

European IP Helpdesk

Enterprise Europe Network in Finland also offers advice and European IP Helpdesk contact person Maija Kärkäs can direct questions to Helpline on behalf of the company.

Contact person: Maija Kärkäs, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, 09 2286 0301, maija.karkas(at)

The European IP Helpdesk is a project funded by the European Commission under the current Horizon 2020 programme and the service is free-of-charge for its users.

EU also funds Helpdesk services for European companies operating outside of the EU. These helpdesks are gathered at Helpdesks in China, Latin America and South-East Asia support EU small and medium sized enterprises at these markets. SMEs can receive information, guides, publications and general advice on specific cases.