Advice for the internationalisation of companies

EU funding advice

We disseminate information on funding opportunities and funding programmes of the EU. With timely communication we try to activate companies and other organisations to utilise the opportunities offered by EU programmes. Read more about EU-funding from here.

General information on countries and markets

We can find out contact information of organisations in different countries. We also provide basic information on how to establish a company in a foreign country.

We produce country-specific reports that provide a basic idea of the company forms available in each country, how a company can be established, the business environment, investment policy, taxation and labour legislation.

Problems with the internal market – a feedback service for SMEs

The network provides the European Commission with information on problems faced by companies when doing business in the internal market. The network offers companies confidential advice pertaining to concrete problems and reports the problems to the Commission without identifying the companies, which have encountered difficulties. Examples of internal market problems could be requirement for supplementary certificates for certain products in another EU country or national law that would seem to be contradictory to EU law and therefore make market entry more difficult.

The purpose is to simplify and improve the internal market legislation. The objective is to better take into account the practical experiences of companies doing business in the internal market in future decision-making.

Cooperation with SOLVIT network can be launched in case a problem can be suspected of originating from a misapplication of legislation or for example, incorrect harmonisation of EU legislation in a EU country. In Solvit problems are solved by means of unofficial cooperation between authorities. In Finland the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is in charge of the service.

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Legal advice on international issues

We provide general legal counselling on, for example, the impact and implementation of EU Directives, national legislation of different countries, international trade agreements and disputes, transport terms and conditions, taxation and public procurement.

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Seminars on topical issues and information clinics

We annually arrange approximately twenty to thirty seminars on topical issues and information clinic events at different locations in cooperation with local chambers of commerce, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and other parties.


We take the perspective of sustainability into account in all our advisory services, and we organize events related to the theme.