Business Contact Database

Is your company looking for international business partners? Are you looking for a subcontractor, an agent or a partner for a product development project? Or perhaps you are looking for a partner to apply for EU funding?

Now you can find technology, business and research partners all in one place: the Business Contact Database. The Business Contact Database was created as a result of the merger of our two previous partner databases, the Business Cooperation Database and the Technology Cooperation Database.

You can use the Business Contact Database to search for sales channels, franchising partners, subcontractors, and logistics partners or to survey your opportunities for establishing a joint venture or implementing a corporate acquisition. The database includes thousands of  contact requests. The service is free-of-charge. For more information, please contact the network representatives.


Business Offer: Offer – the company offers to sell products or services or is looking for business partners

Business Request: Request – the company wants to buy products or services or is looking business partners

Research and Development Request: Request – looking for research and development collaboration

Technology offer: Offer – the company offers technology

Technology request: Request – the company is looking for technology


Browse all active contact requests based on your search criteria.