Business Contact Database

Search – find – connect!

Is your company looking for international business partners? Are you looking for a subcontractor, an agent or a partner for a product development project? Or perhaps you are looking for a partner to apply for EU funding? Now you can find technology, business and research partners all in one place: Business Contact Database. A search window for the database can be found at the bottom of this page. If the search window below does not work, you can also access the Business Contact Database here.

You can use the Business Contact Database of Enterprise Eu Network to search for sales channels, franchising partners, subcontractors, and logistics partners or to survey your opportunities for establishing a joint venture or implementing a corporate acquisition. The service is free-of-charge.

Contact the profiles found in the database

You can begin searching for a business partner through the Business Contact Database by browsing the database and contacting profiles already found in the database.

You can browse partnership profiles based on profile type, country of origin, target country, or different keywords. A contact request for a profile can be made by clicking the Request more information option at the top of the profile. After this, you can create an account for yourself, prepare a contact message, and send it to an EEN advisor who will forward the message further. The database contains the following profile types:

Business Offer: Offer – the company offers to sell products or services or is looking for business partners

Business Request: Request – the company wants to buy products or services or is looking business partners

Research and Development Request: Request – looking for research and development collaboration

Technology offer: Offer – the company offers technology

Technology request: Request – the company is looking for technology

Browse all active contact requests based on your search criteria.

Create your own partnership profile

If you cannot find a suitable profile, you can choose to create your own partnership profile business partner search profile in the database. This is always done together with EEN advisors. Please contact an advisor near you, who will then provide you with additional instructions for creating the profile. You can find the contact details of our advisors here.

Get automatic email notifications of interesting profiles

By registering in the Business Contact Database, you can activate an email search service that will automatically send notifications of new profiles that are of interest to you by email. Subscribe to the service here 

Note! We are moving to a new Business Contact Database in early 2022. If you have an account to the current Business Contact Database, you can still make an Expression of Interest to the profiles in the database. However, if you do not have an account but are interested in one of our profiles, please contact our experts.