EU solidarity with Ukraine: Donation of energy equipment & Electric Energy Matchmaking Forum

Since the start of the illegal aggression by Russia, the European Commission has strongly supported Ukraine, several important measures have already been taken (EU solidarity with Ukraine). Unfortunately, the attacks focused on infrastructures destroyed more than half of the energy facilities of the country. It is of utmost importance to help Ukrainian SMEs and households get swift access to energy supplies in view of the winter temperature that can drop to as low as -20°C.

Could your company donate energy equipment to Ukraine?


  • Power transformers and generators; Heaters; Fuel and oil; Cars for repair brigades; Tools.
  • Electricity: Insulators, cables, wires, cable connectors, cable couplings, disconnectors, isolation valves, traverses, welding machines, vacuum & air switches, microcontrollers.
  • Liquids: fuels and oil, transformer/motor oils, chemicals.
  • Gas: pressure regulator, pipes for gas & water conveyances, plasma cutters.
  • Other: pressure repair equipment, rubber products, trucks for repair brigades, equipment for district heating systems.

The Ukrainian authorities have sent to the European Commission a detailed list of their needs for winter in order of priority, see the list here


Via the Energy Community Secretariat based in Vienna – that is serving as an entry gate for private energy companies to donate energy equipment for the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure, based on the needs list compiled by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

  • door-to-door transportation is offered free of charge (covered by the EU).
  • Procurement – with the help of the Energy Community Secretariat Ukraine Energy Support Fund based on the donations from the EU member States. Any company that can supply the required goods, can participate in the tender. The supplier will directly be paid from the Fund.

Register also to the Electric Energy Matchmaking Forum for Ukraine Support, where you can introduce your offering, and book online meetings with other participants in the Forum: https://een-humanitarian-corridor-for-ukraine.b2match.io/




More information on the Energy Community Secretariat website 

Please contact the Energy Community Secretariat’s Ukraine Support Task Force at UkraineEmergencySupport@energy-community.org


Schematic description of the support activities


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