ICT sector in Ukraine – resilient and fast developing sector providing high quality services 


ICT sector in Ukraine – resilient and fast developing sector providing high quality services 

See the recording of the Finnish-Ukrainian ICT webinar 25 April 2023.  

The webinar is linked to the Finnish-Ukrainian ICT online matchmaking open until 31 May 2023. Read more and register at https://finnish-ukrainian-webinar-and-matchmaking.b2match.io/ to meet potential new business and/or technology partners.

In Ukraine, the ICT sector is highly developed. Despite of challenges, the digital sector has remained resilient and even grown in the last years. The sector has also played a crucial role in keeping Ukraine’s economy afloat. 

80 per cent of students who study mathematics, physics, and sciences at the countries’ many universities are employed by the ICT sector. There is a digi cluster in almost every region. ICT specialists are young and many of them are female. Ukrainian ICT companies have commonly specialized skills in cloud, AI, and big data. Ukraine has the possibility to be the most modern and advanced country in the digital transformation and services.  

Some of the companies are specialized on national programs like outsourcing in industrial engineering & IT, infrastructure and construction projects, education/talents in industry 4.0 – 5.0, cluster, standardization and circular economy initiatives, industry roadmap of DT, accelerators – incubators, development of network of networks DIHs in Ukraine. There is also a significand opportunity to modernize Ukraine, build quality transport and logistics infrastructure. 

Companies entering the Ukrainian market can receive incentives. “Diya City” is a legal regime of e-residence that will provide for tax benefits, more flexible employment regulations, better IP rights protection, application of best practices of Law of England and Wales about venture capital investments, etc., for a period of not less than 25 years. 

Companies such as Vaisala, Soft Serve Exoft and the organizations mentioned in the program explained their activities in the ICT sector. The organizations help companies to find partners, have regular meeting with various sectors and organize events to describe rules how to work in Ukraine and Europe. 

The webinar and matchmaking are organised by Enterprise Europe Network in Finland and in Ukraine, Finland-Central and Eastern European Countries Business Association and co-operation partners Ukrainian Cluster Alliance, CMC-Ukraine – All-Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants, EK Confederation of Finnish Industries and EastCham Finland.  

Text: Anne Hatanpää, Secretary General, Finland-Central Eastern European Countries Business Association, The Finland Chamber of Commerce




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