Organic alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages to Japan

EU-Japan Centre presents their new project “EUfood2japan” aiming at promoting EU organic food products and producers in Japan.

Further to a survey done among Japanese importers/buyers, the Centre has identified a list of food and beverage products that would be of interest to Japanese importers.

The EU-Japan Centre is currently calling for applications to organic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage produces that would match Japanese importers’ interest with their products.

Please find below the 1st list for applications:

Alcoholic beverages:
· Beer
· Cider
· Wine (PDO/PGI)
· Aromatised wine (GI)
· Spirits (GI)

Non-alcoholic beverages:
· Tea (non-artificial)
· Coffee
· Soda pop

The Centre will translate in Japanese the data given in the application form received and will publish it into their website https://www.eufood2japan.eu (See example)

When the webpages will be ready, the Centre will contact the Japanese importers to introduce the EU product and producer of their interest.

In summary:

  1. Fill in the application form
  2. Provide pictures of the producer (3 to 5 pictures pictures of the production site: inside/outside site, staff, etc.)
  3. Provide pictures of the product(s) (3 to 5 pictures of the product(s): front/back, inside/outside packaging etc.)


Satu Alapiha / Enterprise Europe Network Finland
+358 50 383 0355, satu.alapiha@turkubusinessregion.com

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