ArianeGroup Innovation Challenge, B2B Meetings

Time: 8-9 Nov 2023

Place: Onsite in France or online

Contact person in EEN Finland: Timo Huttunen,

Note: Apply to the innovation challenge on 19 Oct 2023 at the latest.

08.11.2023 - 09.11.2023

Osallistu ArianeGroupin avoimeen innovaatiohaasteeseen!

ArianeGroup is proposing 11 technical challenges in 3 different scopes, to meet the groundbreaking companies and research centers they want to collaborate with in the forthcoming years. For each topic, a selection committee made up of ArianeGroup experts will assess the proposals and online/onsite B2B meetings will be held on 8-9 November with the happy few applicants.

This challenge is cross-industry and opened to every European company or research center. Take up the challenge and seize this unique opportunity to get technical feedback from ArianeGroup experts and perhaps, to start a collaboration with the world leader in access to space.

Haku sulkeutuu 19.10.2023. Jos kiinnostuit, ota pikaisesti yhteyttä Suomen EEN-verkoston asiantuntijaan: Timo Huttunen,

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