Emerging Market Talent as a Solution for Finland’s Capacity Shortages – online

Time: Wednesday 15th November 2023 at 15.00-17.00

Venue: Microsoft Teams

Contact person: johanna.niemisto (at) helsinki.chamber.fi

Registrations: The event is free of charge but needs registration at latest on 13th November 2023.

15.11.2023 - 15.11.2023

As a part of the International Week hosted by the Finnish Chambers of Commerce, a mini workshop exploring the potential of emerging market talent in helping Finnish companies secure a competent workforce to support their growth aspirations will be organized by Fuzu, the Africa Business Network of the Finland Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Europe Network, and the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce.

This event will review the topic from following angles:

● Remote or migration-based talent – what are the challenges and benefits with both models?

● Cultural alignment between talent and the hiring organization – how to ensure smooth onboarding and engagement with your existing team?

● Partner selection – how to ensure your talent partner can deliver value as promised? The speakers at the event.

1) businesses that have extensive experience from working with international talent,

2) organizations that provide support to international talent seeking for opportunities in Finland and

3) service providers who connect emerging market talent with Finnish employers.

The goal is to offer event participants a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in engaging with international talent, while also providing them with the necessary tools and mindsets to effectively tap into the global talent pools.

Opening remarks

Panel Discussion – perspectives on remote and migration-based work

Panel discussion – how to successfully onboard international talent?

Panel discussion – best practices on partner selection

Closing remarks

Please see the detailed programme.  


The event is part of the Internationalisation Week of the Chambers of Commerce in Finland. Read more. 

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