22.07.2020 - 30.11.2020

EUREKA GlobalStars India Call 2020 – Virtual Marketplace

Seeking Proposals for joint R&D projects between India and seven countries from the EUREKA network

Within the GlobalStars initiative of EUREKA, based on mutual consent, Austria, Belgium (Flanders region), Finland, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and India are launching a common call. Participants from India and the respective EUREKA member countries are invited to submit joint project proposals in the research and development of innovative products and applications with a strong market potential.

This website is a virtual Marketplace to discuss project opportunities and facilitate introductions between organisations from India and the seven countries from the EUREKA Network participating in this call. It is an open 1:1 networking platform. Meetings among participants can be scheduled as a video call at any time until end of November 2020.


The call for proposals inviting projects within the scope: “key enabling technologies for healthcare, agriculture and water”. These should be collaborative research and innovation projects which apply key enabling technologies (e.g. chemical technologies, digital technologies, engineering technologies, advanced materials, biotechnologies, micro- & Nanotechnologies) to tackle challenges in healthcare, agriculture or water, resulting in innovative, affordable, accessible and marketable solutions. Projects aiming to provide responses to (post) COVID-19 specific needs are warmly welcomed as well.

For more details please refer to the GlobalStars India Call Text.

Time Schedule

  • International announcement of the GlobalStars India Call: February 2020
  • Registration and requesting meetings on the Virtual Market Place until November 20, 2020
  • Closing of the Virtual Market Place: November 30, 2020
  • Deadline for EUREKA Application: November 30, 2020. Deadline for national submission might differ between the participating national funding agencies!
  • Consensus meeting of funding agencies: March 1, 2021
  • Funding decision: April, 2021
  • Project start: before May 31, 2021

More information:


Project partners are strongly advised, prior to submitting the application, to contact their National Contact Points in order to check the eligibility of their project. If you need any help discussing eligibility, scope of the call, submitting an application, or finding a project partner, the contacts for Finland are:

Mr. Tom Warras
National EUREKA Project Coordinator
Email: tom.warras@businessfinland.fi
Phone: +65 62793618

Mr. Pekka Rantala
Senior advisor, EUREKA project officer
Email: pekka.rantala@businessfinland.fi
Phone: +358 50 396 2922

Queries regarding the technical functionalities of the virtual marketplace can be directed to:

Mr. Markku Pekonen
Advisor, EEN Finland
Email: markku.pekonen@businessfinland.fi 
Phone: +358 44 373 368

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