High-growth technology business conference 2019, Dublin

04.11.2019 - 05.11.2019

This first of its kind “High-growth technology business conference 2019”, jointly held by the EPO and the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), provides a platform for high-growth technology enterprises to learn about business strategy and IP management. Designed for business people with an interest in intellectual property (IP) and IP professionals with an interest in business strategy, it will combine a conference day with a training day, including one-on-one coaching sessions.

 An international team of highly experienced practitioners will share best practices on how to leverage patents for business success giving answers to questions such as :

–        How to create an IP strategy that supports my business strategy?
–        What commercialisation options exist beyond my own products and services?
–        How to create win-win-win deals with large companies and research organisations?
–        How to measuring the impact of IP for my business?
–        How to implement sustainable IP management systems?

More information, programme details and registration (at the latest 1st Ocotober) can be found here: www.epo.org/business-success  

The event is open to all decision makers and IP professionals in high-growth technology enterprises and their partners in Europe. SMEs welcome!

Additional information:
Maija Kärkäs
09 2286 0301


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