04.11.2020 - 05.11.2020

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This year’s cooperation forum focuses on manufacturing and process technologies for the production of green chemicals and bio-based materials and products based on renewable raw materials. Innovations in bioplastics, technical biopolymers and processes from industrial biotechnology will be presented and financing options for the biological transformation will be discussed.

The contact with other conference participants is very valuable. Sometimes it is difficult to find a particular expert among all participants. We would like to support you in getting in touch with the right people and in gaining more visibility!

Please note:

Participation at the B2B Partnering requires the registration at the cooperation forum (attendance fee):

Detailed information about the cooperation forum:!home

Why participate in the B2B Partnering?

  • As product developer – find partners to discuss new technologies and innovative solutions.
  • As research organisation – find partners for national and European R&D projects.
  • As purchaser – find qualified European suppliers.
  • As sales manager – find new European customers.
  • As start-up – connect with potential investors.

Your benefits!

  • Showcase your best projects, products and know-how.
  • Target potential business partners in pre-scheduled meetings.
  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners.
  • Get the latest information on industrial related research.
  • Easy access to enterprises and scientists with a focus on renewable raw materials, bio-based materials and industrial biotechnology.
  • Initiate cross-border co-operations.

How it works:

  • Registration on the B2B Partnering Platform
    Please register on the B2B Partnering Platform here.
  • Create your personal profile
    Create a meaningful cooperation profile. Make sure to place items on the marketplace. What do you offer? What are you looking for? After your profile has been activated by the organiser, you will be visible to the other participants of the B2B Partnering event.
  • Book meetings
    As soon as you have completed your profile, meetings can be scheduled.
  • Start your virtual B2B meeting
     on the Biopolymer Forum b2match website and start your meetings by clicking on the ”start meeting” button.  The virtual meetings are managed remotely via Video Calls (similar to Skype). If your meeting partner does not show up, please use the ”Message” button and ask your meeting partner to join the meeting or re-schedule the meeting.

Contact person in Finland: Maarit Vuorio, maarit.vuorio (a)

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