TechMakers Brazil – Finland Bilateral Activation 2024

Time: 2.5.2024-2.5.2025

Place: Virtual

Contact person in Finland: Maarit Vuorio,

02.05.2024 - 02.05.2025

TechMakers Brazil – Finland Bilateral activation for joint research and development

Seeking proposals for joint science-based innovation projects between Brazil and Finland

The Brazilian Company of Research and Industrial Innovation, EMBRAPII, with support of ApexBrasil and Business Finland are announcing the 1st edition of the TechMakers Brazil-Finland joint activation to fund science-based innovation projects between Finland and Brazil.

Participants from both countries are invited to submit joint project proposals in the research and development of innovative products and applications with a strong market potential. Companies which identify the two countries as a major market and research locations, and which want to take advantage of EMBRAPII and Business Finland funding and added value of international cooperation will be welcomed.

This website is a virtual market place to discuss project opportunities and facilitate introductions between organisations from Brazil and Finland participating in this activation. It is an open 1-to-1 networking platform. Meetings among participants can be scheduled as a video call at any time.

For more information, please refer to the rules on websites of Business Finland and EMBRAPII.

Important information

  • Launch of call: 02 May 2024
  • Closing date: 02 May 2025
  • Partnering: Partner search platform for 1-to-1 meetings available.
  • Projects can be submited at any time.

While the activation is open to all scientific disciplines, projects in the following topics are particularly appreciated:

  • Bioeconomy
  • Circular Economy
  • Clean Energy
  • Decarbonization
  • Economy Digitalization
  • Sustainable Mining

Eligibility criteria

All proposals must meet following eligibility criteria to be qualified for evaluation:

    • The project consortium must include at least one business entity from each country (Brazil and Finland) and one research institute accredited by EMBRAPII as “EMBRAPII unit”.
    • Participation of other research organisations and other commercial companies from both countries is welcome in accordance with the funding regulations of each country.
    • The research organisations and commercial companies must comply with the regulations of their respective countries.
    • To ensure that projects promote genuine international collaboration rather than internal company research, affiliated companies will be considered as a single entity under the parent company. Each Brazilian registered organisation involved in an application must be a separate legal entity, not linked to the Finland partners or vice versa.
    • The project must demonstrate a relevant innovation content, added value and benefit from the bilateral cooperation in both countries.

Only proposals meeting all eligibility criteria will be considered for evaluation. There will be no opportunity to correct errors in the proposals after the application deadline.

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