Virtual Brokerage Event Horizon Europe Cluster 4 INDUSTRY

22.06.2021 - 22.06.2021

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Virtual Brokerage Event Horizon Europe Cluster 4  INDUSTRY

After the publication of the Cluster 4 Work Programme 2021-2022 Digital, Industry and Space under the new Framework Programme Horizon Europe, Fundacion para el Conocimiento madri+d is organizing a Virtual Brokerage Event next June 29th for the Call for Proposals for the Cluster 4 focused on the Industry topics under Destinations 1 and 2.

Target Groups

  • Start-up and Spin-off
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Large Companies
  • Universities, Research Centres
  • and other organisations looking for commercial, technological or research partners from Europe and beyond.

Key Deadlines

  • Registration: 14th May – 28th June
  • Meeting selection: 7th June – 29th June
  • Brokerage Event: 29th June
  • Languages: English
  • Cost: free of charge


To participate in all bilateral meetings, participants have to register by 28.6.:

Registered participants will be able to conduct bilateral meetings with interested counterparts and stakeholders. The main goal is to help participants form relevant consortia.

Contact Person in Finland

Ms. Hanna Riski 

Enterprise Europe Network, Business Finland

hanna.riski (at)

p. +358 40 7667 072

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