Virtual InterAGRO 2020 matchmaking

29.10.2020 - 30.10.2020

Virtual InterAGRO 2020 matchmaking event will be organized simultaneuosly with InterAGRO exhibition, which is organized in Kyiv, Ukraine. In this virtual matchmaking event, agricultural sector companies are able to discuss possible development solutions, inventions, and commercially interesting technologies. The virtual meetings present an excellent basis for possible future cooperation and business synergies.

The majority of InterAGRO  participants are manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, which contributes largely to the development and the success of Ukrainian and global agribusiness.

The B2B Networking provides companies, corporations, researchers, and investors to find the right contacts to seize the opportunities and build collaboration across the borders. You can identify innovative technologies and find new solutions for existing problems. By participating in B2B Networking you will get access to extensive technology expertise and new business channels and select your face2face virtual meetings in advance by creating an online profile.

Registration for Virtual InterAGRO 2020 matchmaking is free of charge, please register at


Suomen yhteyshenkilö: Satu Alapiha, EEN Suomi – Turku Science Park,,  050 3830355

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