Virtual MariMatch 2020 – International Maritime Event

02.09.2020 - 04.09.2020

Virtual MariMatch 2020 combines pre-arranged 1-1 virtual meetings with interactive content sessions about hot topics of maritime innovation, open innovation panels and open networking opportunities. The event takes place over three days, but you can select which sessions to join and which timeslots you want for your meetings.

Conference program:

Day 1, September 2nd, 10-12am CET: Towards a sustainable maritime economy, two alternative sessions:
Track A: Towards a sustainable waterborne transport
Track B: Towards a sustainable interaction with our oceans and seas

Day 2, September 3rd, 10-12am CET: Improving efficiency and safety through digitization and automation, two alternative sessions:
Track C: Ship automation and digital support of the crew
Track D: Smart ports, terminals and logistics

Lisää tietoa ja ilmoittautuminen:

Yhteyshenkilö Suomessa: Olli Mankonen, Enterprise Europe Network – Turku Science Park,


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